Development that works for you


With its experienced team of web designers, 22lbs can create the website that best suits your needs. We offers website design, development, and webmaster services. We can help you design, set up and train you how to use your website.

Site Development

Companies seldom realize how much they can do on the internet. We can help you create applications that will help you with everything from event management to e-commerce sites. We will work with you to allow you to easily extend your business online, and help you better manage your current operations.

Content Management

The largest entry barrier companies have to creating a webpage, is they are worried about who will manage their site. People still believe you need to be able to program web code to edit the words and images on you webpage. 22lbs will help you to develop a site where you can easily change the content. You don't need a website department to run a successful and easy-to-manage site.


Presentation is everything. Web design requires building attractive, user-friendly, smart designs and easy to navigate interfaces for incredible user experiences. We will tailer your site to meet your industry's demand.

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